Tray Washer Machine

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The crate washer machine has 3cleaning units and each with separate water tank,spraying pipe and fan type nozzles which have very good washing effect.

Each water tank has separate drain cleaning valves and double filter to prevent nozzles blocking.The washing water could be cycle used.

The cleaning nozzles are cross cleaning from up,down,right and left sides of the tray pallet. The spraying pipe is with 304 material.


The first cleaning unit is with hot alkaline water cleaning which ensure the cleaning effect and the pump motor power is 4kw.

The second cleaning unit with heating pipes to heat water to 90°C and cleaning the crates with hot water.The pump motor power is 4kw.

The temperature could be adjusted between ambient and 90°C. With automatic temperature control unit.

The third cleaning unit is cold water cleaning and the pump power is 2.2kw.

With 3 different cleaning units, the crate could be washed clean and assure the best cleaning effect.

The conveyor speed could be adjusted and the output could be from 100-1000PCS/H.

Application: Plastic box / Crates / Trays/ Meat baskets and other storage boxes / Storage disk/Pallets/Container etc.

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 We also have tray washer and drying machine as belows:

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